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npm install --save-dev @svelte-put/copy


By default, copy will register a click 1 event listener on the same node 2 it is used on. The triggered listener will then copy the innerText 3 of the node to the default clipboard.


default, no parameters

<script lang="ts">
  import { copy, type CopyDetail } from '@svelte-put/copy';
  import { fade } from 'svelte/transition';

  let copied = '';
  function handleCopied(e: CustomEvent<CopyDetail>) {
    copied = e.detail.text;

<div class="not-prose grid grid-cols-[1fr,auto,1fr] items-center gap-2">
    class="bg-green-500 p-2 text-white active:scale-95"
    Click <span class="text-blue-500">to copy this</span>
  <div class="grid place-items-center self-stretch bg-blue-200 text-black">
    {#if copied}
      <p in:fade={{ duration: 200 }}>

The following sections show how 1, 2, 3 can be customized.

1 Customizing the Event Types

Pass one or more event types to the event parameter.

specifying events

  import { copy } from '@svelte-put/copy';

<button type="button" use:copy={{ event: 'mousedown' }}>...</button>
<button type="button" use:copy={{ event: ['pointerenter', 'pointerleave'] }}>...</button>

2 Customizing the Trigger

The button seen in all code blocks on this site is powered by this very action.

A typical use case is clicking on a node to copy the text of some other node.


copy this


custom trigger

3 Customizing How Text is Copied

The text parameter can receive a string or a sync/async function that returns a string, which if provided will be used for copying instead of the default innerText of the node.


custom text - literal

<button use:copy={{ text: 'some text from somewhere' }}>...</button>


Here, text is a callback with the input containing information about the forwarded event, reference to node (on which action is used), and the trigger (to which event is attached).


custom text - callback

Simulating the copy event

If synthetic is set to true, a "fake" copy event will be dispatched alongside copied, should that be of any use.

Note that since this synthetic copy event is not "real", and operations on clipboardData will have no effect on the actual copied text.


synthetic copy event

Using the copyToClipboard helper

Behind the scene, copy uses a copyToClipboard helper. (You can see its source code here ).

You may skip the action and use this utility to build your own custom solution that fits your need.


import { copyToClipboard } from '@svelte-put/copy';

export function copy(text: string) {

Happy copying! 👨‍💻

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