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event for clicking outside node

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npm install --save-dev @svelte-put/clickoutside

Quick Start

<script lang="ts">
  import { clickoutside } from '@svelte-put/clickoutside';

  function doSomething(e: CustomEvent<MouseEvent>) {

<div use:clickoutside on:clickoutside={doSomething} />

Advanced Usage & Customization

Feature Demo


use:clickoutside is registered for this gray box. Try these:

  1. Click within this gray zone => won't trigger on:clickoutside
  2. Click on the violet zone => will trigger on:clickoutside
  3. Click outside the blue limit => won't trigger on:clickoutside
  4. Enable/disable use:clickoutside with button below, then try (2) again

on:clickoutside counter: 0

usage demo source. expand to see

<script lang="ts">
  import { clickoutside } from '@svelte-put/clickoutside';
  import { quintOut } from 'svelte/easing';
  import { fly } from 'svelte/transition';

  let enabled = true;
  let parent: HTMLElement;
  let click = 0;
  let cls = '';
  export { cls as class };

  function onClickOutside() {
  function toggleEnabled() {
    enabled = !enabled;

  class="border-4 border-blue-500 bg-violet-200 p-10 text-dark marker:text-dark prose-strong:text-dark {cls}"
  <legend class="font-bold text-blue-500">Limit</legend>

    class="grid border-2 border-gray-500 bg-gray-200 p-6"
    use:clickoutside={{ enabled, limit: { parent } }}
      <code>use:clickoutside</code> is registered for this <strong>gray box</strong>. Try these:
        Click within this <strong>gray</strong> zone => <strong>won't </strong> trigger
        Click on the <strong>violet</strong> zone => <strong>will</strong> trigger
        Click outside the <strong>blue</strong> limit => <strong>won't</strong> trigger
      <li>Enable/disable <code>use:clickoutside</code> with button below, then try (2) again</li>
  <div class="flex items-center justify-between">
    <p class="">
      <code>on:clickoutside</code> counter:
      {#key click}
        <strong in:fly={{ y: 8, duration: 250, easing: quintOut }} class="inline-block"
    <button class="bg-blue-500 px-2 py-1 text-white" on:click|stopPropagation={toggleEnabled}>
      {#if enabled}

Limit the clickoutside Zone

As seen in the demo above, the limit.parent option can be set to limit the zone that will trigger on:clickoutside. By default, there is no limit, and the event listener is attached to document.

setting limit.parent

<div bind:this={parentNode}>
  <div use:clickoutside={{ limit: { parent: parentNode } }}>...</div>

Event Type Customization

By default, clickoutside is based on the click event. You can customize this with the event option.

overriding event type

<div use:clickoutside={{ event: 'mousedown' }}>...</div>


Additional options can be passed to addEventListener should it be necessary.

providing AddEventListenerOptions

<div use:clickoutside={{ options: { passive: true } }}>...</div>
<div use:clickoutside={{ options: true }}>...</div>

Excluding Other Events in the clickoutside Zone

In the initial demo under the "Advanced Usage" section, notice the stopPropagation modifier was added to the click event. Without this, the button would also trigger an on:clickoutside event.

excluding events

<button on:click|stopPropagation>...</button>

Be aware to reflect the customization made to the event listener as mentioned in the last two sections. For example:

mousedown & capture

<div use:clickoutside={{ options: { capture: true }, event: 'mousedown' }}>...</div>
<button on:mousedown|stopPropagation|capture>...</button>

Another typical use case for this is shown below, where the same toggle callback is registered for both on:clickoutside and another click event.

  • Left side cannot be toggled because clickoutside is also triggered right after "Toggle Left" button is clicked. It also triggers the toggling of Right side because it is technically outside of the green box.
  • Right side toggles as expected thanks to the added |stopPropagation modifier.

|stopPropagation example

mouse click faster

Happy clicking outside! 👨‍💻

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